Our Norms

Our motto

Achieving customer satisfaction by offering a superior quality service. All the while renewing the quality by our serious and professional approach, all conducted within the shortest possible delays.

The GROUP distinguishes itself by offering its certified members a chance to live their everyday in an atmosphere of confidence, which provides high quality service for the clients, a respectful attitude between members and also in regards to the clients. It's in the spirit of a large united family that the GROUP operates and demonstrates leadership, where every member is open to each other's differences and synergies.

To offer a greater protection of the environment with the means of each of the certified members and accredited suppliers.


Every single supplier for Groupe Hénault is audited, and we guarantee their quality.

  • Establish cooperation, a mutual benefit between the partners.
  • Offer a wide array of professional services.
  • Demonstrate a greater efficiency and a higher degree of competency for the clients.
  • To stay up-to-date when it comes to the technologies, the norms, the laws and the rules applicable to each of the areas of expertise of our certified members.
  • Making sure the required help is contacted to maintain your operations or keep your business running as usual.
  • Keeping ourselves motivated and keeping our personnel motivated to maintain our high level of expertise in matters of technology, norms, legislations and rules of our respective professions.
  • To offer an efficient and competent service at a reasonable and at a fair price to our clientele.


The GROUP HÉNAULT's certified members commit themselves to respect and put in application in their own enterprises the following conditions.

One must demontraste:

  • Professionnalism
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency in the completion of all mandates that they receive by means of the GROUP.

Offer our clients an efficient service of quality which is subject to continuous scrutiny for amelioration, all at the most competitive prices.

First of all take into account the needs of the clients and their interests and not our personal interests at the expense of the client, by suggesting the best method to solve the problem at hand, even if the member in question does not have the best method or technology to solve the problem.

Maintain the information transmitted to the concerned client regularly updated in regards to the evolution of his problem.

Return all calls from a client within the briefest possible delays.

Guarantee: when a certified member offers a guarantee on the results, regardless of what method or technology that is used, it has to be explicit for the client. In other words, for instance after two tries without achieving the intended results, the certified member will have to attain these results at his own costs. For example, in the case of a contamination, by decontaminating using another method, in order to achieve the intended results.

Maintain their knowledge base and competencies up-to-date, as well as insuring that their personnel are adequately trained.

When emitting a guarantee on the results, (the certified member must) transmit a copy to the GROUP.

Respect all laws, rules, norms, etc. applicable while executing a mandate (projects, works in progress, etc.).

Offer a variety of techniques to give the client a choice in solving his problem at the lowest cost possible.

Keep all their costs, which are related to the carrying out of the mandate, at the lowest possible level.

Exchange and participate in the sharing of competencies and knowledge bases between the partners in order to make sure that a partner can complete any mandate that they've been given.

Offer a complete expertise in the evaluation of technological solutions, amongst others.

Avoid the solicitation, be it directly or indirectly, of all the clients of a certified member of the GROUP.

If a certified member is approached by clients of another certified member or members of the GROUP, he'll inform the client or clients as well as the member(s) so as to maintain harmony and transparency in the GROUP.

Avoid competition at all costs between certified members. Instead there should be harmony, fraternity and a mutual goodwill between members.

Insure that all suppliers respect the GRH777 norm in carrying out their mandates which originate from a certified member of the GROUP.

Mutually invest oneself in the promotion of the expertise and fields of activity of the entire GROUP to present and future clients so that the GROUP may offer a wide array of services.

Mention "Certified Member of the Group Hénault on all stationary, business cards, publicity, etc.

Have a link on one's website referencing and directing visitors to the GROUP's site.

Have in one's possession all necessary insurance policies for carrying out all mandates originating from the GROUP.

Have the following liability insurance contracts: Automobile insurance contract including pollution, Operational or general third party liability insurance, Environmental responsibility with a minimal limit of 5 million dollars.

Submit a written confirmation of all required insurance policies to the GROUP.

As a certified member, insure that one has all the required insurance liability coverage with sufficient limits for all mandates originating from the GROUP.

Always have all the permits and certifications necessary or required to accomplish a mandate given by the GROUP, such as MDDEP, RBQ, M.T., etc.

Facilitate the responsibility and treatment of the GROUP's records, projects, etc. by maintaining up-to-date all necessary documentation and by continuous support for previous jobs.

Make sure that all sub-contractors have the required competencies, knowledge base and certifications to accomplish the mandates which originate from a member of the GROUP.

Make sure that all sub-contractors have the required insurance coverage and limits to take on the mandates which originate from a member of the GROUP.

First pick for a mandate must be the GROUP's services, all else being equal (thus when competencies and knowledge bases are equivalent).

Reimburse, on presentation of proof, one's share of costs and charges for all publicity that the GROUP desires to subscribe to or participate in.

Never give commissions, bonuses or other incentives for the reception of a contract through the GROUP, thus between certified members.

Keep all privileged information confidential. To not never give or transmit any sensitive information to anyone, without first having received the consent of the concerned member.

For all technologies, processes and products which originate from a partner, one must keep all information confidential and never divulge it by any means to anyone without first having received written permission from the affected member.

Always maintain a professional and clean appearance, although taking into account the circumstances, (for instance overhauls on a site may be entirely acceptable).

Never forget that the certified members are the GROUP HÉNAULT ambassadors.

Interact with the various parties in a polite, respectful and comprehensive fashion. Identify oneself when asked to do so.

Never discuss insurance contracts, regulations or other sensitive subjects with the parties involved or with the clients.

Keep confidential all information received through a client (insured client, or one making a claim, etc.)

Abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs, or all other illegal substances while fulfilling their functions.

Utilize a respectful and acceptable language at all times.

Maintain a secure work environment at all times.

Allow only the personnel and/or necessary parties access to the work site.

Our Commitment

  • The GRH authorizes its certified members the utilization of its logo, colors, website references so as to promote the services of the GROUP.
  • The GRH will not accept any new member, nor suppliers, nor privileged suppliers without having submitted the candidacy to the present certified members of the GROUP.
  • The people accountable for the GRH maintain the right of veto for acceptances and refusals into the GROUP.
  • The GRH makes sure that all new prospects that wish to join the GROUP have been duly presented to all certified members of the GROUP, so as to decide whether to accept or not this new addition.
  • The GRH and its certified members will not give or transmit any privileged information to anyone without first having received the written permission of the concerned partner.
  • The GRH undertakes to never divulge all technologies, processes and products which originate from a partner and to keep all information confidential and to never divulge it by any means to anyone without first having received written permission from the affected member.
  • Bookkeeping, registries and all other documents for the business to operate as usual must be kept up-to-date to facilitate verification.
  • The GRH can at any time audit its certified members so as to insure that they are respecting the GRH777 norm.
  • The GRH, in the eventuality that one of its members transfers his proprietor rights in his enterprise to a third party, has the right to accept or refuse the continuance of that member's adherence to the GROUP.
  • In all good faith, the certified member declares having read this document and understood its contents.

Disciplinary and Ethic Consul

To maintain Groupe Henault's philosophy of high quality services, we created a professionnal ethic and disciplinary consul. All comments and complaints from our customers are submitted and analysed by the consul members . After a decision is delivered, the client is contacted and can the action taken to resolve the decision.

Groupe Hénault