Our History

It is in March 1974 that Mr. Yvon Hénault first opens his bureau of expertise under the corporate name "Service de réclamation Yvon Hénault Ltée".

Years passed and in January 2000 the bureau of expertise "Service de réclamation Yvon Hénault Ltée" became the "Cabinet d'expertise en sinistres SIE 2000 Inc." and it is at this very moment that his son, Pascal Hénault, joins the enterprise to better insure the continuity of the family business.

It is in January 2006 that SIE 2000 Inc. became SIE HENAULT & ASSOCIATES Inc. Since Pascal Hénault has made his entrance as firm administrator, he will be gradually taking over the family enterprise. Due to the excellent and high quality work that the firm is known for and its uncommon expertise of the risks in both the transportation and the environmental domains, the firm is often approached by the private sector. However, given the narrow field of application of the Financial markets authority (in French Autorité des Marchés Financiers) regulating disaster experts firms in Quebec, the Henault family decided to form a new branch under the corporate name OPTIONS GRIFE Inc. which saw the day in November 2006. This new branch was first formed to respond to a need of the SIE HENAULT & ASSOCIATES Inc.'s clientele. OPTIONS GRIFE Inc. offers a diversity of services, such as:

  • Risk management
  • Environmental project coordinator
  • Inspection
  • A wide variety of training
  • Damage evaluation for buildings and their contents (including cargo, merchandise, etc.)

In December 2007, the Henault family becomes innovators by putting on the market emergency intervention kits, useful in case of minor spills. These kits help limit the extent of the damage. It is at this moment that the firm 9190-2270 Qc Inc. is born.

The Henault family has always been concerned with providing its clientele with a competent and an efficient service. This is reason why they've made the decision to regroup all of the enterprises under the same banner with a single contact number in order to maximize all the fields of expertise of the former three following firms:


Which evolves into the GROUPE HENAULT, formed in January of 2007.

Groupe Hénault