March 1974

Opening of the Yvon Hénault Ltée Claims Service expertise office

January 2000

Yvon Hénault Claims Service Ltd. becomes the claims adjustment firm SIE 2000 Inc.

Pascal Hénault, son of Yvon Hénault, joins the company to better ensure the succession.

January 2006

SIE 2000 Inc. becomes SIE HÉNAULT & ASSOCIÉS Inc.

Pascal Hénault becomes a director to ensure the succession of the firm, which has become a family business.

November 2006

Creation of the subsidiary OPTIONS GRIFE Inc

A first response to a need of SIE HÉNAULT & ASSOCIÉS Inc.


A subsidiary of SIE HÉNAULT & ASSOCIÉS Inc. offers diversified services such as :

  • Risk management
  • Environmental project officers
  • Inspection
  • Various training courses
  • Assessment of damage to buildings and contents (including cargo, goods, etc.)
December 2007

Creation of the firm 9190-2270 Qc Inc.

Introduction of emergency response kits for small spills, which can also limit the extent of damage.

January 2007

Creation of the HÉNAULT GROUP

In order to provide the best service and to maintain their quality, competence and efficiency with their clients, the Hénault family has grouped together under the same roof the following companies: SIE HÉNAULT & ASSOCIÉS Inc, OPTIONS GRIFE Inc, 9190-2270 QUÉBEC Inc. by opting for a single telephone number, fax, etc., in order to maximize all the fields of expertise and competence of the three firms