Capitalize Environmental Expertise

Supervision of the work Development of a characterisation plan.
Development of decontamination plan.
Audit of work invoices
Design and implementation of treatment plan for contaminated soil or water

Emergency management



We offer you a risk management service which includes:
- Emergency Plan (EP)
- Emergency Measures Plan (EMP)
- Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
- Inspection - Prevention
- Risk Analysis
- Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of Plans

Phase I:
Review of existing information to establish the history of the land and the activities that have taken place.

Phase II (preliminary):
This is an exploratory phase in the field. If the presence of contamination is confirmed, a Phase III is recommended.

Phase III (Comprehensive):
This involves establishing the limits of contamination with greater certainty and determining the volumes of contaminated material.

Environmental Assessment
of site

Decontaminate the site (soil and water) in accordance with accepted industry practice.

If necessary, following phases 1 and 2, decontaminate the site (soil and water) in accordance with the rules of the trade.
Before proceeding, determine the best way to decontaminate the site, in accordance with the regulations of the appropriate jurisdictions and industry practice.
Change according to considering leave out subsequently, start with Carry out rehabilitation and remediation to restore natural environment.

Design of a hazardous materials and waste management plan.
Identification and classification of different chemicals

of hazardous materials and


Continue to implement the environmental management program for your home, business, industry or facility, including characterizations of soil, water, and air. Maintain registers and records as needed. Prepare reports to the Ministries of the Environment and other jurisdictions.

  • UFC (accredited by the Chambre d'assurance de Dommages)
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Different methods of decontamination
  • Basic emergency response management

tailored to your needs


  • Individuals and Companies - Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I, II, and III
  • Industries - Chemical - Food
  •   Fire Prevention Services
  •   Transporters Rail, Road
  •   Insurers
  •   Consultancy firms
  •   Municipalities
  •   Others.